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Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster

"Venetian plaster," is a fancy term for colored plaster. The art of Venetian plastering has been practiced for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

However, the term has recently evolved to include a group of faux finishing products in which a paint-like substance is troweled onto a wall and polished to a high sheen. These plasters are characterized by the inclusion of acrylics, resins, polymers, and VOCs.

Traditionally, Venetian plaster consisted of natural lime putty and marble dust. After being troweled on in multiple layers, it was in some instances polished to a mirror finish and waxed. The skill to this art lies in the careful combination of trowel strokes, color selection, and layering.

Master of Plaster falls under the traditional and historic category. It can be applied as a solid color with subtle variation, or it can be applied in layers with a variety of colors for a bold finish.

The possibilities for a Venetian plaster finish are unlimited.
The more the plaster is polished, the more spectacular and bold it becomes, making for great accent walls. A lesser polished solid color would serve as a nuetral, subtle, matte finish.

Any of the pastel colors are available with Master of Plaster and may be matched from the Benjamin Moore color chart.
Venetian samples are available upon request.